Mobile Triple A Gaming – Future Or Dream Imagination

Gaming summoners war toa guide on a mobile phone has become an everyday experience, but in most cases a mobile game is only a slimmed down version of an original game. In most cases, however, mobile games are rather “mini games” if at all. In the last few weeks, however, Nintendo has not been the only one to rely on big brands. With Super Mario Run, the first game with a Triple A license was released on the mobile sector some time ago. Suddenly, other big titles and brands are being added.

Final Fantasy 15 is one of the biggest names here. After Final Fantasy Brave Exivus, Publisher Square Enix has now released a completely mobile gaming version of Final Fantasy 15, Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition. The game already inspired us in the first test and we bought the complete version to be able to judge it further for you. A complete test is still pending but the game makes a good, albeit slightly slimmed down, impression. Besides Finalf Fantasy 15 there are other titles available at the moment. Apple, for example, uses full price titles. With Civilisation 6 and Grid Autosport there are 2 complete console titles that have been converted 1:1 to the mobile hardware. But the publishers can also pay for that. Grid Autosport comes with 21 euro and offers further optional in game purchases, Civilisation 6 with full 60 euro and likewise in game purchases for DLC´s and CO. We personally use a Samsung Galaxy S8 with HDR display for gaming, which makes a good impression even in energy-saving mode thanks to a usable battery life and a powerful processor. Both World of Warships Blitz and Final Fantasy XV PE run flawlessly. The question is whether it makes sense to invest so much money in this segment at all. After all there is Civilisation 6 for PC already under 20 euro to buy. Whether you have to spend 60 Euro for an I-Pad version or buy a good Windows tablet instead of an I-Pad and save massively on the games is a good question. We tend to prefer the Windows Tablet when it comes to gambling.

Especially the use of a usable Windows Tablet can be very attractive for simpler games in connection with the already existing Steam library. Games like World of Tanks, World of Warships or various racing games, strategy games and also some action adventures run without problems even on cheaper tablets.

Why we are of the opinion that the full price title on the mobile phone have nothing to do!

(Attention is based on personal author opinion)

Apple is clearly a pioneer in full price apps, but whoever buys Apple products has too much money anyway, because limited hardware that is manipulated by the manufacturer to monetize inferior batteries can’t really be found well. But well I myself use an Apple I-Pod of the newest generation and am very satisfied with it, but only and exclusively for music playback and maybe a photo but not more! Nevertheless you have to pay some extra which is integrated in other systems. But well this is my personal opinion, for me personally Apple is “old people” hardware with limited functionality so that nobody can do anything wrong. But well, everybody has to decide that for himself, Apple would have the chance to convince us of the opposite, but you have no interest in that anyway.

Personally I am of the opinion that neither a Grid Autosport nor a Civilisation 6 has to be played on a mobile phone or a tablet. The computing power alone can’t be sufficient to provide a sufficient performance, even if the games would be playable, you usually don’t take hours for a mobile game. Mobile games are entertaining “gap fillers”. If you want full entertainment, you’ll find it on a mobile console like the Switch, the Playstation Vita or a laptop.

We don’t really need full price titles on mobile phones. As a classic console player, a game like Final Fantasy XV is a nice gimmick for me to watch again. I also like to pay 20-25 Euro every now and then for a big title that talks about many hours of fun, but I also have the right conditions to use these games. The classic mobile phone gamer will never dare to play such titles, rather smile at them and leave them to the side.

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