Practiced Spirituality – The Key to an Intuitive Life

Spirituality stands for spirituality and the conscious turning to transcendent reality. Through spiritual awakening written on this article we find the key to an intuitive life. A channeling medium or fortune-teller mobilizes undreamt-of spiritual powers in us. To live spiritually means to perceive the inner and outer world in a new consciousness. Through meditation and mindfulness, people can get out of the daily hustle and bustle and develop new perspectives. Spiritual life counselling follows the rhythms of the spiritual laws with which man is inseparably connected. Authentic counselling work in the field of spirituality helps us to perceive the voice of the soul.

What topics does spirituality deal with?

Living spiritually in a higher consciousness surrounds us with clarity and peace. Those who develop spirituality come to the realization that the spiritual is above the material forces. A capable clairvoyant, a competent channeling medium or a medially experienced expert for fortune-telling deals with various topics of spirituality. When do I get to know my dream partner? How can you leave behind deep despair and tormenting lovesickness after a separation? Trusting spiritual coaches advise sensitively on the topic of love and partnership. Go on a spiritual journey that gives inspiration for the soul and healing experiences.

Clairvoyance, angels, meditation, astrology – effective methods in the area of emotions and character support the development of spirituality. They also help to process feelings and release energy blockages. Expert spiritual counseling leads to the healing core of the true “I”. Different interpretations of the Far Eastern religions call enlightenment a transcendent penetration of spiritual energies without striving for wealth, power or fame. To live spiritually is to recognize oneself as a precious being, conscious of being unseparated from everything. Partnership problems, family disputes, fears – a well-founded telephone consultation in the field of spirituality offers support for all life and problem questions:

  • Feelings of groundlessness and senselessness
  • Life support for separation, divorce, crises in the relationship
  • existential emergencies in profession and finances
  • Stress prevention and stress reduction
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-confidence
  • transformation work, afterlife contact, mourning aid

What is spiritual awakening?

A person who decides for spiritual awakening experiences the process practically in every moment on a mental, physical and spiritual level. If you overcome negative beliefs, outdated patterns of action and conditioned convictions, you can also overcome seemingly unsolvable crises. Spirituality describes subjectively experienced experiences of meaning, which each person feels differently – as centered, in love, peace and tranquility, clear, awake or compassionate. Through spiritual awakening we can unfold unbelievably great potentials.

Through spirituality the soul decides to break out of conventional life and not to follow the general rules of society. Thus we recognize the deeper meaning of our existence in contact with our innermost core. Esotericism calls this process of development spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Meditation with exercises for mindfulness and concentration is a spiritual practice that serves to reduce stress, expand consciousness and stabilize personal awakening. A visionary intelligent medium with the gift of clairvoyance or an astrologer with a focus on spirituality enriches spiritual awakening with comprehensive experience and life counselling.

How do I learn spirituality?

Spirituality is the spiritual being, the living spirituality is firmly anchored in eastern cultures. People who today live spiritually in Western cultures follow their longing for spiritual life in connection with the whole. They recognize their true life tasks and experience an intensive process of change in their new consciousness. Learning spirituality means that you understand why you are the way you are and what effects your actions have. Familiarity with the spiritual laws creates new possibilities that strengthen us for challenges and make us open to the experiences of certain events.

Intuition is an essential building block for the balance of soul, spirit and body. In the sense of spirituality they form an inseparable unity and manifest themselves in the life forces (Qi). Orientation is necessary for inner development and spiritual awakening. An effective aid to action offers you spiritual life counselling and life help, which reveals the meaning of certain experiences through a look at the higher self. So that new customers can convince themselves absolutely witthout obligation of the consulting quality, the expert portal viversum initiated the free test discussion.

What is a spiritual journey?

Would you like to know if you are soul mate with your partner? Live a special relationship? Are you confronted with crises in your everyday life? Don’t you know how to realize spiritual awakening in a world of consumption? Certified life counsellors like a channeling medium or a shaman take you on a spiritual journey. Vision journeys serve the self-discovery and self-knowledge, the comprehension of spirituality and the identification of potentials.

The counselling offers support to people who want to live spiritually, master crises and better understand the relationships of the people connected with them. Embark on a spiritual journey, receive help for reorientation or concrete answers to relationships, love, career, family, finances or spiritual growth. Spiritual life counselling on the phone creates a conversation situation that is just as convincing as personal contact.


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