Which Hosting is Better

Shared hosting or dedicated hosting? This is a sobering question, especially if you have read a lot about the subject and are looking for the most suitable option for your web project.

Both offer unique features that make the decision even more difficult. However, it is not possible to say exactly which one is better than the other, as you should not choose this way.

Yes, there are advantages offered by each one, but what matters is that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

That is why in Conectemos we will show you what you should take into account when choosing a hosting service.

What is shared hosting?

Before coming to a conclusion you must first get to know both services separately. Let’s start with shared hosting.

As its name says, this type of service is used by several users. In a server, the projects or pages of several clients are hosted, but each one is in its own space.

They share the web hosting resources, i.e. RAM, bandwidth, processor, storage space, and IP address, among others.

We can compare it to a building. In it, there are several apartments that customers rent.

Although each one lives separately, they have to share several services such as water, electricity, gas and the elevator.

If one of the tenants misuses these resources or goes overboard, the others will be affected in some way. The same happens in shared hosting.

This type of service is widely used by people with pages that do not require much or by small companies since one of its advantages is its affordable price.

On the other hand, dedicated hosting is much more expensive since it is for other purposes that we will see later.

Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting

Now that you know more about shared hosting, it is time to talk about the advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account.

Advantages of this service

Very cheap price: One of the great benefits that make this service very popular is its low costs. the great benefit that makes this service very popular is its low costs, unlike dedicated hosting.

By having this feature, it becomes accessible to all those people who do not have much budget. This way they can launch their web page on the Internet.

Easy management: If you do not have a lot of knowledge about server administration, there is no problem.

In shared hosting, this type of management is in charge of the provider. Things like updates, server maintenance, and software will not be the client’s responsibility.

Disadvantages of this service

Server resources: As we indicated, the server resources are shared among the clients that are hosted on it.

At a certain point, this is a disadvantage. This is because if other users make excessive use of them, it will affect the performance of your website.

For example, if you crash someone else’s page, the others will also experience slow loading because of the number of resources you are using. Feel free to visit their web page to find more tips and useful information about small business web hosting.

Security: Although in this type of hosting the providers are in charge of providing the best security, you must not forget that it is shared.